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Type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears

Love:    Silversun Pickups- Currency of Love
Hate:     Hate to Say I told You so- The Hives
Light:    Lights- Sam Bradley
Dark:    Beauty of the Dark- Mads Langer
Good:    The Feel Good Drag- Anberlin
Bad:      Bad Romance- (cover by Hayley Williams)
Smile:  Smile- Lily Allen
Cry:  Cry Cry Cry- Johnny Cash
Girl:  Stupid Girls- Pink
Boy:  The Boys are Too Refined- The Hush Soun

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Until a while ago, I stubbornly tried to live the same life as before. It went poorly: I couldn’t go anywhere without being assaulted by a giant amount of fans, so I went nowhere. I was living in a bubble. Then something clicked, and I said to myself: “You have to accept that everything is different now”. And I felt relieved, almost immediately. Acceptation is the prerequisite for happiness, or anyway that’s what I like to think. 

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